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Brosser les dents de chiens

The animal charter


A well-bred hairy deserves

the best available

Chien mignon


  • I announce that I am coming with my doggie, my tomcat, my unicorn or my camel.


  • We welcome a maximum of 4 legs per person.


  • Your pet is a customer. There is a charge for its stay: € 10 per night, whatever its size and weight.


This for the sake of canine equity (and also molar for that matter).

Costume portant chien

Good to know !

  • Well-educated animals are cool! And masters who pay attention to their cleanliness and attitude, it's even better!

  • They should not be left alone in a room (imagine that they put the music on!)

  • Prefer the stairs to the elevator (it's good for the pads).

  • The Dad or the Mom of the animal will be responsible and billed for any damage (furniture scratches, pee carpet, shredding of the linen ...)

  • The leash is compulsory in all common areas (pointe, beach, shared kitchen).

  • We provide the bowl and the sleeping corner, you bring their yum yum.

  • Dogs, cats, crocodiles, domestic elephants etc ... are not allowed in the basement: cinema and gym. In another human life, it will be with pleasure!

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