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Living spaces

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We thought of our living spaces as a loft. Open, all in one, warm, comfortable, with activities for everyone.

Have a drink at the bar, book a private cinema screening, unwind in the gym: at YOU, you will enjoy the stay you dreamed of.



From breakfast to the hour when Cinderella loses her glass slipper


Breakfast is sacred! We decided to invite Marguerite, the local of the stopover, for her good cow's milk. The rest ? Only good for his spirit and his health. For lunch: this way the good cream, the shells, the camembert and a salad of young shoots. It's 4 p.m., is it time to bite an apple or teurgoule? Aperitif: Bartender cocktails, pint or detox fruit juice, you choose. All this will come from the corner.


¡Vamos a la playa!


Here we play music, we chat, we learn how to make a flower wreath, we stick to the fire in winter, we read books, we work, and the icing on the cake is the only private space in the house (and for once it is we who choose if it is possible or not). A place to meet or relax, the swimsuit is very very optional but good humor and smiles are expected by their parents at the central cash desk please.



Live strong emotions with family, friends or with your “buddys”


Soft seats? Check!
Giant screen and surround stereo dolby sound? Check!
Pop corn ? Check!


This room can be privatized for watching crazy movies, with a crazy sound. You just have to settle down and let yourself be overwhelmed by the action and the emotions.



You are never better served than by yourself


At any time you can have your frichti reheated or choose the small dishes lovingly prepared for you. Sit down, eat, chat, get to know each other, we don't take care of anything. Finally if we are going to try to find things to do sometimes: “How we taste a camembert to perfection” or “How is the pommel or the calvados”. We will take care of that, we promise and we will keep you posted.



For those who like to go after things


This is the first space you see when you discover us when you get off the train. It piques your curiosity so you decide to return and there you discover paradise and you do not leave again. You stay sharing good times with us.

FIT-YOU by Technogym

The space that wets the jersey


Fit-YOU by Technogym is 90m² so that the most motivated find themselves there to perform, and that the others relax there.


A small rule in passing so that everyone is relaxed. Showing off isn't here, it's cool and good-natured here. Everyone has their own rhythm.


Hey, oh Neighbors, we also created it for you so hop hop hop to the transpi. There is a shower, so there are no more excuses such as: "I can't do it again after Me"!

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