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Our offers


Early YOU

For those who think about their stay with us well in advance


Have you been planning your stay with us for months? That's good, at YOU, good plans belong to those who get up early!

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With     love!


YOU Long Stay

For those who take their time


Do you want to stay with us for a long time? At least 5 days? It's perfect, we are Happy! We have created the Long Stay offer specially for you. 1 surprise per day…
Yes ! You read correctly: 1 surprise per day guaranteed.


Me & YOU

Enter the history of the Family


YOU is You & Us. Come and create beautiful memories and have a good time. Be the first to know what's going on.

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YOU Family

For those traveling with family


How many children do you have? 2? 4? 6? Congratulations! And welcome to YOU. The Family offer is made for your Beautiful family. A Family or Together room, so you don't waste any minutes together. A private screening at the cinema? If it is free, all you have to do is choose your film, we offer you the pop-corns!

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YOU Lovers

Pour les amoureux et les romantiques

Vous vous aimez depuis quelques jours ? Non, depuis des années ? Vous avez envie de passer quelques jours en amoureux, vous en rêvez même ! Chez YOU, nous avons imaginé 2-3 trucs et astuces pour qu’il ou elle vous aime toute la vie… Ou juste le temps d’un week-end ;).

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YOU Friends

For those who are friends for life


Pajamas Party, bachelor party, Very Large beautiful Family (a bed for two, closer to the stars is for you), band of best friends, this is the Friends qu 'you need, look no further.


YOU Today

Pour ceux qui vivent le jour

Parce que même la journée vous pouvez avoir besoin de dormir dans un lit de “fou” ou de prendre une douche délicieuse, nous avons créé l’offre Today.

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